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Our cupcakes are in-store pickup only. Planning a birthday party or wedding? Call us for custom orders and pricing.

Please call 480-290-5772 for current availability.

Flavor list:

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean with salted caramel drizzle & crushed salty cashew toffee

Intense Chocolate

Intense Chocolate with salted caramel drizzle & crushed pecan toffee

S'mores toffee 

Creamy Coconut with crushed macadamia toffee

Peanut Butter Toffee

Dark Chocolate Almond with crushed dk. chocolate almond toffee

Lemon Blueberry 

Fresh Strawberry

Chocolate / Vanilla Marble

Funfetti with blue gumball topper & colorful sprinkles

Cookie Dough Stuffed ( Chocolate or Vanilla)

Cookies & Cream

Red Velvet

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